Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching Up and Random Bits and Pieces

Our posting has been slowed down this week as we've returned to work, etc. Things have been good, just busy. I got and accepted a great new job, and am making plans to transition from my current one. I'm going to New Orleans next weekend for a work conference, so I've also been preparing for that. It will be excellent to see many of my old pals from Haviland Hall and other colleagues.

Quinn woke up at 4 am today. Yep, it's 6, and I've already been up for two hours.

As March is quickly approaching, which is the last IFSP review before Quinn turns 3, we are starting to think about which school district we'd like Quinn to be in. We are hoping to move in the spring, so where we live is open. In my work on transition-age youth (young people ages 16-21), I'd read and written about institutional transitions, which are transitions guided by bureaucratic system demands, rather than client needs. I have to say, now that such a transition is upon us, I have a new perspective on them. We feel like we're just getting to know our early intervention providers, and have settled into a routine. So being forced to make a change just because Quinn will be 3 is frustrating.

Zac is off to play d&d this weekend with some buddies. Quinn and I will be going to our monthly East Bay parents of kids with special needs group, which currently meets at SadieDey's Cafe (formerly Tumble and Tea). If you're in the SF Bay Area, feel free to join us. We also have plans to hang out with other friends we haven't been seeing enough of. It should be a fun weekend. If Quinn will sleep past 4 am.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the quest for a child who sleeps past 4am. We've managed to stretch Little Man to 5 most days and sometimes even 5:30. It sucks. :(