Monday, October 19, 2009

Yay! Drinking from a Straw

At his new school, Quinn learned how to drink from straws, even skinny juice box straws. It is an awesome superpower! Now we can go almost anywhere in the world, and Quinn can drink, even if we don't schlepp around his kiddie cups. Woohoo! One less item in the diaper bag!

Quinn has been able to drink from super fat straws for awhile, but he hasn't had the ability to close his lips tight enough for a normal straw. This has been an early intervention goal for a loooong time, because I guess being able to close your lips is essential for making some sounds. It has also been a hygiene goal because having lip/mouth control helps to hold back the drool.

Quinn has also been able to drink from open cups for awhile, but the risk of spillage has been too great to take advantage of that super power while in restaurants, unless we order an extra cup and poor a tiny amount from a larger glass into the extra cup. But that can be rather tedious over the course of a meal.

So we are delighted with the straw drinking. One of the things I enjoy about raising a special kid is taking pleasure in all of the little hard-earned accomplishments.


Vicki Davis said...

Yeah! For Quinn!

fragilemom said...

Oh yes, this is a great moment! I'm looking forward to when Ian can drink out of an open cup without more than half ending up somewhere else. He also tends to like to pour it out......ugh!

Way to to Quinn!