Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Exciting Milestones This Week

1. Quinn brushed a baby doll's hair and gave her a drink of "water"! Previously, baby dolls were treated the same as most other toys. That is, they were seen as tasty to nibble on, and that's about it. He is starting to use other toys more appropriately, too. Like cars and trucks - they actually get pushed around on the floor now. So cool!

2. Quinn walked about 6 blocks down a city street! Previously, most attempts to get him to walk on any sidewalk outside of our house involved some combination of Quinn's sitting down and removing his shoes, crying until we picked him up, and acting like a floppy jelly baby, or alternatively, like a super-tense, head thrown back, red-faced tantrum baby. So walking down Solano Avenue holding hands was such a treat. I got tears in my eyes. I feel my dream of walking to Trader Joe's with him (about two and a half blocks away) will soon become a reality.


Bjetsey said...

Sarah, those are some awesome milestones. congratulations to Quinn!

Vicki Davis said...

That is awsome!! What fun to take a walk with your tot!