Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Status updates

My posting to this blog has suffered recently, as I've been using Facebook as my primary venting/griping forum. For those of you not there, I'll transcribe some of my recent Quinn-related material. In chronological order:
Zachary Drake is with sick baby. :( How can I treat Sarah like a princess? Happy Mother's Day all (including those who are trying/hoping/attempting to convince hesitant partners!).
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Happy Mother's Day Sarah! Quinn & I love you very much. You are so good to both of us :) :)
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Zachary Drake has read "Big Red Barn" far too many times today. Fortunately, I think Quinn will be able to go to school tomorrow. I was not optimized for extended bouts of special needs childcare. (Is anyone?)
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Zachary Drake needs D&D night like this planet needs to control greenhouse gas emissions.
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Zachary Drake another 4am wakeup. Resenting your own child makes you feel like crap. He's awfully cute though.
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Zachary Drake Quinn built this tower with some guidance from his physical therapist. His skills are improving!

Zachary Drake So looking forward to watching episodes of "In Treatment" with my Yummy tonight.

Zachary Drake Quinn watches the garbage truck drive away

Zachary Drake Quinn's not napping because of gardener noise. I really needed that couple hours. But onward I trudge!!
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Zachary Drake got to see "A Streetcar Named Desire" last night. A play! How grown up!
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Zachary Drake God, it feels so good to do real work. The show is largely intact in my mind and just comes pouring out if I'm properly focused. I just need to clean up a few spots and make sure I'm in proper mental and physical shape for the performance.
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Zachary Drake is buzzed from a very strong mojito. Yay parents' night out!
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Zachary Drake Quinn started making noises around 3am, and then really woke up around 5am. I've been walking and driving around with him for an hour now. Somehow I'm ok.
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Zachary Drake Strolling through the mall at 6:21 am with Quinn, sleep deprived
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Zachary Drake Quinn has a cold and a cough, so we're keeping him home. Another much needed day snatched away from us. God this parenthood thing can suck sometimes. Now I gotta change his shitty diaper. Oh, did I mention he's permanently mentally retarded? Sigh. (I apologize for the whiny nature of my recent status updates. I will return to political commentary and narcissistic self-expression as soon as possible.)
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Zachary Drake Quinn took no nap today, but by stuffing my face with BBQ spare-ribs and fresh lychee nuts I've managed to stay sane.
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Zachary Drake Is ready for his show tomorrow morning!!!
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Zachary Drake got a partial standing ovation today. Happens with Dust Storm a lot: some people thing it's great and stand right away, some feel compelled to follow along, but it doesn't quite reach the tipping point where everyone feels they have to stand.
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Zachary Drake Quinn's nose is still running like a river. Another day home from school. Another few hours I thought were mine snatched away. Another entry in the ledger of resentment. God this is hard.
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Zachary Drake both of Quinn's nap attempts were ruined by bodily functions. What must I do to propitiate the gods?
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Reading these over, I'd say it's a decent sampling of the ups and downs.


the other lion said...

Yup. That's pretty much what it's like. Mine is sick again today. It was really terrible giving up his naps. REALLY terrible. But I don't miss fighting with him about it anymore. And he goes to bed super early. I really hope you guys get some relief from the sleep issues soon.

Sarah said...

I didn't see all these status updates on Facebook. My poor husband! Thank you for all the times you watch Quinn while I'm sleeping or at work. xoxoxox