Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Appetite for Destruction

Quinn's physical abilities seem to be growing by the second, and he has an appetite for destruction. On Thursday, within an hour of my coming home from work, he had dumped out the kitty litter, poured Kitty's water into her food bowl, spilling both water and wet food in the kitchen, and dragged potting soil from outside through the house. I know much of this is normal toddler parenting, but it is exhausting nonetheless!

Dressing him at times has also become a feat requiring strength, humor, and ingenuity. When he is not in the mood to get dressed, he pulls hair, writhes laughing maniacally on the floor, bites, and kicks. Saying "no" firmly and taking attention away (like a mini time out) only seems to bring on more giggles. Occasionally he'll have a tearful moment, only to break into writhing giggling again. I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand that these behaviors are not funny. Sometimes the only thing we can do is sing or make faces to distract him from his agenda of destruction so that he'll allow us to clothe him.

I don't think he puts on any of these performances at school, because they usually talk about how wonderful and angelic he is. I'm grateful for this, because we love his school and wouldn't want him kicked out. I really hope this is just a phase.


the other lion said...

The clothes thing is a phase. Punkin now insists on being dressed -- with shoes -- all the time, whereas for the past 2 years he's wanted nothing to do with clothing. So, it's a long phase, but it's a phase.

Now, the destruction? Well, medication has helped some, but so far he's still pretty good at ruining things, especially of the electronic and paper variety. =)

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