Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update: bits and pieces from the weekend

- We gave Quinn a haircut tonight. Last haircut was at least two months ago. Now I remember why we kept putting it off. We tried to make it fun. We set him up in a chair with a movie and chocolate chips. We sang, we said comforting things, we made silly faces. But Quinn was traumatized anyway, and let us know with his wounded look, sobs, and screams. Makes me want to let him grow dreads. But the haircut was much needed, and he looks pretty cute. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
- Today Quinn experienced two of his favorite things: trains and dogs. It seems he likes these things better from afar. He cried on the commuter train and got totally overwhelmed and anxious at the dog park.
- I'm trying to walk more. In honor of my upcoming birthday, my body seems to be storing extra pounds. I really don't enjoy exercise, though walking is okay. Anyway, I was wiped out last night, but just before sunset I convinced myself to put on my sneakers and get outside. I was greeted by an unusually warm night (nights here, even in summer, tend to be brisk), and three rainbows. I'm taking it as a sign that it's worth it to get out, even when I'm tired.
- Quinn blew bubbles for the first time in the bath tonight. It was awesome. He's been working on blowing in speech therapy. He was really proud of himself, but couldn't repeat the feat.
- Quinn is signing a lot (same few signs - more, help, open), but still not really talking. I think he might have said "mama" today. I'm still not sure though if he was babbling or if he really meant it. That's what I'd like him to give me for my birthday.
- I'm really p*@#%! that we need to go through a three-hour evaluation to get the "status two" designation (e.g. continuing services from the Regional Center for people over age 3, which will include case management, respite, and other stuff). Quinn has a file at least a foot high, and has been evaluated by people with enough degrees to start their own university.
- I wish kindly strangers would stop asking my basically non-verbal child questions. It's weird and awkward for all involved. I guess it's time to order these cards (scroll down).
- What are you all doing for Fragile X Awareness Day, July 22?


Holly's Mom said...

Can't wait to see the picture of Quinn's haircut. He was so cute with it all shaggy though :-) I have heard good things about those cards, I'd say though, and not in all cases, but sometimes people talk to kids and don't expect a responce. I ask Holly questions, even though I know she can't talk. But I do know what you mean.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Holly's Mom! : ) Quinn's almost three and looks it, so when folks ask him, "What is your name?", "How old are you?", "Do you want to pet my dog?", "Do you want a balloon?" etc, they do expect him to respond. It's actually pretty wild what most 2.5+ kids can say. We were at a 3-year-old birthday party the other day and the kid talked the entire time, about anything and everything, and knows her colors, numbers, and letters. We've also had the weird experience of having kids smaller than Quinn, upon seeing him in his stroller with his pacifier, point to him and say to their parents, "Look, there's a baby!" At which point the parents say, "That little boy is bigger than you! He's not a baby." Very weird.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about bubble blowing in therapy. That was a fun one :)

Haircuts though...yeah...not so much. Matty finally got to a point where he will let my hubby do it but he's not happy about it. He'll get there :)

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your story. Thank you for following my blog.

Bjetsey said...

I dunno, my neurotypical 2.75 yo doesn't readily answer questions when asked to by strangers. I think people have high expectations of the average kid to be able to engage quickly with a stranger. Not to minimize your discomfort or point at all, but just to say that I think it's got yet another layer to it.

and, N still uses a pacifier. :)

Sarah said...

Eh, you are right, Bjetsey. I know sometimes typically developing kids don't answer stranger's questions and still use pacifiers. However, for me it's just one more (of the many) reminders of how Quinn is different. He's not just shy - he can't answer questions verbally - not even when I ask them. And when another (younger) kid sees Quinn in his stroller with his blankie and pacifier and says "baby!" it is a reminder that, in fact, this is kinda true (in some areas, when he was last evaluated, Quinn's developmental age was around 8 months), and that Quinn can't even say the word "baby!" like the (younger) baby can. I'm oversensitive to all these little reminders. I know I'll have to get over it eventually.

fragilemom said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the strangers trying to start up conversation. What's really funny is that some of the times they can understand Ian, other times they just make up what they think he said. Makes them look silly when I know what it is he really said! I think Holly's right...most talk without expecting a response. I guess some just like to hear themselves.

Can't wait to see the hair cut. We wait as long as we can between cuts as well. My youngest just got called a hippy. Hmph.