Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy about lazy eye treatment

So Quinn is developing a lazy eye, aka strabismus, a common problem for kids with Fragile X. We were prescribed some drops to blur the vision in his "good" eye so that he is forced to use the lazy one, and thus hopefully avert lazy eye. But as you can imagine, Quinn has no love for the drops, so we've been bad and lazy about using them. Has anyone else had to use these drops? Did they really work? Perhaps your success story will motivate us to adhere to the treatment a bit better.


Krista said...

When my sister was younger (she's almost 31 now) she had a lazy eye and had to wear an eye patch to help her lazy eye work. It seemed to work. She had to wear glasses later, but no more lazy eye. I guess the eye drops were not around yet.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Krista, that is very encouraging. It would be better to use an eye patch, but Quinn won't keep it on.

Vicki Davis said...

Kat had to use an eye patch on her good eye as well to force her to use her glacoma eye and make it stronger, and even when she wore glasses they patched one side, she used like a bandaid type patch stuck on her face, but you could use like a "dress up" pirate patch I'm sure too. Good Luck, we took Holly to the eye Dr. to check on this, and he said to come back in a year, but she was ok for now. ohh.. and yes the patch did work.