Saturday, December 20, 2008


Tonight while out at dinner, a woman sitting at the table next to us, who was waiting for a friend, spoke to us throughout our meal. She had clearly had a few drinks, or some rough living, and most likely both. She kept saying that she was envious and admiring of what we have - my husband's and my happy relationship with each other and with our son. She told us she had a son, now grown, and she wished he had grown up with a loving father, and that she had experienced parenting and living with a true partner.

Through her eyes, we were a Normal Rockwell painting come to life - a portrait of the functional family she wished she'd had. I feel like this woman gave us a great gift. We are often very preoccupied with our challenges, but in the big picture, we are very, very lucky.


Vicki Davis said...

Sometimes a glimpse through someone elses eyes is fantastic

Anonymous said...

I had the perfect words and then I hit comment and they swished I'll just say ... You guys are Blessed :)

Zachary Drake said...

It was very strange to see our family through someone else's eyes. We are so blessed. Sometimes it's hard to see that when dealing with the day-to-day pressures.

I think this woman who was talking to us had some kind of mental illness (or she was just really drunk and uninhibited). From what we could hear of her conversation (she was not trying to hide anything), her life was extremely hard: poverty, threat of homelessness, bad relationships with family.