Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy news alert!

So despite Quinn's having been sick this week and missing three days of school, it's been a great several days:
  1. Except for the couple of days when he was feeling really icky, he's been sleeping through the night for over a week! "Through the night" ends at 5 am (or sometimes 4:45 just for kicks), but it is a heck of a lot better than waking up again and again all night, or listening to two+ hours of crib gymnastics at 2 am. If we time it just right, we can sneak him into our bed at the sound of the first murmur and get an extra half hour of sleep. It's pretty awesome. We are living a shiny new less sleep-deprived life, albeit a life that requires us to be in bed by 10 pm if we are going to get 6-7 hours of shut-eye. Oh please, please let this last. I like being a sane individual.
  2. He makes the "more" sign and even said "Mmmoohh" at least once. We usually see "more" when Zac is singing to Quinn (i.e. more singing). But hopefully soon he will figure out how to get "more" of everything in his little world. He's also made the signs for "open" and "all done", though not as consistently.
  3. He is doing some cute mimicking stuff. For example, after grocery shopping one day, I gave him the empty reusable bag he likes to play with and he started to put things from around the kitchen in it - including play food, so I think he was "shopping".
I've left the shopping bag just where he left it, full of play food, farm animal magnets, and bags of ramen because it fills me with joy just to see it there. It seems like he is waking up to the world. I am relieved and delighted to watch the process unfold.


Jen said...

That's awesome! Sleep is such a good thing.

Melissa said...

That is super news.

FXSmom said...

Sleep is a good thing! Those are all huge strides...especially during a sick week. :)

WritingAllNight said...

That is some awesome news. I remember when Aqmbi learned to sign, it was like a window finally opened for her. 'More' was her first, too.

We used to have to run whenever she woke up, but then I put her into a toddler bed and let her play. She had a gate and it was the extra tall one, her bedroom was right beside ours, too.

Around 3 years old she began sleeping through the night like a little rock. I have to warn you, some kids like this sleep so deep they need pull ups or other waterproof undies for night time, they just sleep too deep to know when they have to go!

Hope this keeps up, rest wise, and hope Quinn feels much better soon!

Vicki Davis said...

That is so amazing! Way to go Quinn

Bjetsey said...

that's wonderful news! I'm so glad you're getting more sleep. The "shopping" sounds damn cute. It's always fun to see what appeals to these little folks in the mimicking.