Saturday, March 7, 2009


Zac and I run a casual group for parents of kids with special needs who live in our area. Today, with the nicer weather, we were able to move our group to a small toddler park, and it was wonderful to see our group "take over" the park temporarily. I like the group not only because it's terrific to meet other parents of children with special needs, but also because I like seeing children with special needs just hanging out together in public kid spaces, having fun, laughing, playing. Many thanks to the parents and kids who were able to come today. And to those who weren't able to come - we missed you and hope to see you next month!


Vicki Davis said...

We so missed you this morning! We just weren't up to getting out of the house by 10:00 and all of Holly's Grandparents are visiting for her Birthdya, so we had a busy day of Preperations.

Is Totland good for kids still crawling and who put everything in there mouth? It looks like there is dirt and sand on the ground?

I'd love to Host an event sometime in the afternoon, or on a weekday, since the group is getting so much bigger, maybe some people will be up for that in the future.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Melissa said...

That is so great to see you actively involved. Live laugh and have fun.

fragilemom said...

Just found your blog recently on another. Look forward to sharing the journey together. We are alos hoping to start up a small SN group in our area. We are part of a FX support group, but it's quite a distance from us and the other members live over in that area. We would like to find families closer to us. Hopefully we'll get something going by summer. Would love to hear any ideas you have to share about fun things to do when you get together.

Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful! It must be great to connect with other parents who "get" it. :)