Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh S@#*!

[Written as a screenplay]

Sarah and Zac finish a lovely dinner of broccoli soup, potatoes, and apple walnut salad while Quinn, in the next room, peacefully watches a Baby Einstein film.

Zac: Wonderful soup! I wonder if it was better since we got the broccoli at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

Sarah: Probably. I loved the salad you made.

Zac: What a nice dinner.

Sarah: Yeah. A nice beginning to a relaxing Sunday evening.

The tired, but happy couple look at one another sweetly. From other room: Sound of something tearing.

Sarah: I'll go check on him.

Goes to next room. Sees that Quinn has torn his Dr. Suess book. Again.

Oh, Quinn! Poor Kitty O'Sullivan Krauss! I thought you liked that page!

Suddenly becomes aware of a foul odor. Sniffs.

What's that?

Sees poop laden diaper on floor. Realizes Quinn's legs and belly are covered in s@#*.

Ah, yes, a nice beginning to a relaxing Sunday evening...


the other lion said...

Ugh! I feel for ya. But as you know, you're not alone. Doesn't make it any less gross, though!

Zachary Drake said...

Funny that I got cast in this film. Time to get a new agent, I guess.

Alissa said...

Aah, yes. We've seen this movie before. To add to the fun and excitement, we often have to clean up the walls and throw out poop-covered books and toys afterwards too. Blech! Hoping this is a short-lived phase in your house.

bill in minneapolis said...

I think that Quinn is trying to tell you something: "If I have poop in my diaper, I want it changed ! If you don't take it off, I will."

Quinn needs to learn a communication technique to let you know that he wants his diaper changed.

Sarah said...

He's been taking off his diaper a lot lately - even when it's dry. I think he just likes to be naked! I'm not sure he knows yet when he needs a change. We've been making a big deal of it for while - "Oh, you need a diaper change!" - with a gesture Quinn's speech therapist taught us (patting his hip), but it hasn't seemed to register yet.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Oh #*$&!! indeed. Ick. Suddenly Kitty O'Sullivan Kraus' fate doesn't look too bad, huh? ;)

Umma said...

I've seen a similar production, my version had an added co-star though. A 14 year old s@#* eating dog. Joy!

Anonymous said...
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