Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quinn and Kitty

It's really too bad I don't have a picture to go with this one, but lately Quinn has been really into Kitty. He puts his face right next to hers when she is eating (which Kitty just loves - not!) and makes excited Quinnlike sounds: "UhhhhUhhhh!!!!!" The other day he offered Kitty his pacifier, which she graciously declined. Then he offered it to me. I also declined. Quinn also tries to pet Kitty. I think he remembers my saying "gentle" about 5,000 times a day, but he gets so excited "UhhhhUhhhhh!!!!" that he can't quite be gentle, so he puts his hand on her at first tentatively, and then roughly, and then Kitty runs away. All of these antics are rather exciting because up until recently, Quinn didn't pay any attention to Kitty at all. It's like he suddenly gets it that a living animal walks among us, and he is overjoyed at the fact.

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