Sunday, February 7, 2010

Potty talk

I'm almost too tired to blog this, so I'll keep it short. Besides, this isn't something you'd want too much detail about. Quinn did a tiny (as in, you'd need a magnifying glass) #2 in the potty today. We weren't thinking he was really ready, but he was showing interest, which was fine by us. So it was a complete surprise. But it was definitely intentional, as evidenced by Quinn's giant smile of pride at his accomplishment, even before I offered praise and a chocolate chip. I am SO proud of my little guy.


Vicki Davis said...

So Cool!

fragilemom said...

That's huge (no pun intended)! I've been talking to friends about how exhausted I am trying to Ian potty trained. I feel like I'll be doing it the rest of my life. Hopefully not.