Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maybe it was good we were lazy about lazy eye

So we went to the doctor yesterday to discuss Quinn's sleep problems, and it turns out that the eye drops Quinn was prescribed for lazy eye (which we had begun using with greater frequency over the past 10 days in an effort to be better about treating the lazy eye), are a CNS stimulant for sensitive individuals. People with neurological conditions have greater sensitivity to the stimulant effects. Wow. We will most likely still adjust the sleep medication (on the doctor's orders, we increased clonidine last night and had a great night's sleep), but we are very happy to discover that simply NOT using those drops may improve sleep. This is great, but disturbing news. I think from now on, when anyone other than the MIND Institute or our pediatrician prescribes something, we will run it by our pediatrician first. Too many professionals seem to be unaware of the complexity of treating a kid with FXS. As for the lazy eye treatment, we may have to trick or bribe Quinn into wearing an eye patch. Arrr!

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fragilemom said...

Yeah, the meds thing is very complicated. Don't you just love clonodine!

The haircut is great!