Friday, August 27, 2010

August Update

Well, it's been quite awhile since we updated our blog. It's also been about two years since we learned that Quinn has Fragile X Syndrome. About a year ago I wrote this post, reflecting on how our first year after the diagnosis had gone. I guess the main difference between this year and last year in terms of our adaptation is that it's softened - more background than foreground.

There are moments when we are acutely aware of Quinn's special needs, but most of the time, we're just doing what most people do. We work, do chores, visit family, go to the zoo, wipe our kid's snotty nose, enjoy family meals, go on road trips, catch movies when we can, do laundry, and do all of the gazillion other activities that make up our lives while trying to remember how precious, awesome, and fleeting all of this is.

Quinn's doing amazingly well. He is already doing things I wasn't sure he'd ever do, especially in those dark days just after the diagnosis. He is talking more. He can name many shapes, including "hard" ones like ovals, rectangles, diamonds, and crescents. He can count from 1 to 10. He can follow simple directions. He can sort of put his shoes on, sometimes, like when the constellations are aligned, though even then usually they are on the wrong feet. He can drink from open cups or from straws. He doesn't use a pacifier anymore. He sleeps in a bed, sometimes, all the way through the night. He gives great hugs. He is still very, very happy. Contagiously so. In short, he is a wonderful little boy.

We continue to be lucky to be surrounded by supportive family, friends, neighbors, service providers, and other wonderful people that make this journey possible.

By the way, the great haircut in the pics was just done today, by a neighbor/daycare provider who's been watching Quinn this week while his usual nanny's been away. She did it just because she likes to cut kids' hair. He hasn't had a cut this good, well, ever. And apparently there were no tears. So much to be grateful for.