Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look Who's in a Big Boy Bed!

We didn't intend to start putting Quinn in a Big Boy Bed just yet. But last night, he was crying at bedtime, so I took him out of the crib and figured I'd read him an extra story. I was very surprised when he walked over to his tiny toddler couch-futon, opened it up, and laid down! So for nap this afternoon and for bedtime tonight, we just put him in it. He seems very happy! This particular Big Boy Bed will have to be temporary. There's no way to wash it as it's just a piece of novelty furniture (looks kinda like this, with starfish, not Thomas), and it's too tiny for one of us to lie down with Quinn if he needs some extra cuddling when he's sad or sick. So this week, we'll be getting him a full-size futon to put on the floor. It seems like Quinn's just growing by leaps and bounds lately. He's really not a baby anymore. Well, except for that binky. But who knows, maybe he will surprise us and just toss it in the garbage tomorrow.
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theotherlion said...

Punkin was the same way about his booster seat. Just decided he was all done with that! But the binky, that was tough!

And he was clearly sending me messages that he was all done with his toddler bed at one point. It's funny how they grow up overnight in some ways.

Holly's Mom said...

That is so amazing!! We put Holly's Crib Matress on the floor for a "big girl bed" but she has yet to sleep on it. We use the bumper to wrap around it to make a "frame" and since its on the floor, we can lay on the floor next to her. She is still in our bed though. I am so proud of Quinn, thats amazing!

Umma said...

Wow! That's is great. He looks SO happy, lol.

fragilemom said...

Good job Quinn! Luckily for us, transitions to 'toddler' beds, then to 'big kid' beds were pretty easy.

Pacies and thumbs...another story. Well, Avery wasn't too bad. I talked her into throwing it away. Oh, but I must have done it too early. She picked up finger sucking from her cousin. We're goin to tackle that when she turns 5.

Bjetsey said...

awww, yay! I hope it's a smooth transition.

if you take away the binky, let me know how it goes..we haven't crossed that bridge yet.