Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From the NFXF - Action Alert: The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act

Advocacy Action Alert-ABLE ACT-Make Calls and Send Emails Today
April 9, 2009
TO: All NFXF Friends and Advocates 
FROM:  Your NFXF Washington Team
Dear National Fragile X Foundation Advocates,
The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) of 2009 (S 493/HR 1205) was introduced last week in both the Senate and House.  The ABLE Act will give individuals with disabilities and their families the ability to save for their child's future just like every other American family, and help people with disabilities live full, productive lives in their communities.  
The ABLE Act will allow individuals with disabilities to create a disability savings accounts or 'ABLE Accounts' that would accrue interest tax-free.  The account could fund a variety of essential expenses for the individual, including medical and dental care, education, community based supports, employment training, assistive technology, housing, and transportation.  The legislation prohibits amounts held by, or paid or distributed from any ABLE accounts from being treated as income or assets when determining eligibility for benefits provide by any Federal benefits program.
Asset development is one step toward improving economic self-sufficiency, and the legislation's focus on encouraging asset development will greatly incentivize people with disabilities to live more productive lives through earning and saving resources for their future.
1) If your Representative and/or Senators have not already cosponsored 
S. 493/H.R. 1205, (see list of current co-sponsors at right) please CALL and/orEMAIL them and ask them to cosponsor this important legislation.
[The CALL link above will open a window for you to enter your zip and be directed to your Member's web page with phone number. The EMAIL link above will direct you to a preselected letter you can customize and email]
If you choose to call (this will have the greatest impact) we've prepared a simple SCRIPT that you can follow.  
2)  If your Member of Congress or Senator has already cosponsored S. 493/H.R.1205, (see list to right) please send them a brief email or letter thanking them for their support of this important legislation. 
[All you need to do is click on the THANK YOU link above and enter your zip code and the system will select the correct letter-the please cosponsor or the thank you letter]

Forward this to friends and family-everyone can participate.
Your NFXF Washington Team
House Cosponsors
Rep Crenshaw,FL-4 
Rep Akin, [MO-2]
Rep Andrews, NJ-1
Rep Bachus, AL-6 Rep Bean, IL-8
Rep Berkley, NV-1
Rep Blackburn, TN-7
Rep Blunt, MO-7
Rep Boozman, AR-3
Rep Bordallo, GU
Rep Brady, TX-8
Rep Brown, FL-3
Rep Brown Waite, FL-5
Rep Burton, IN-5
Rep Campbell,CA-48
Rep Cantor, VA-7
Rep Carson, IN-7
Rep Cohen, TN-9
Rep Davis, KY-4
Rep Diaz-Balart FL-21
Rep Dreier, CA-26
Rep Ehlers, MI-3
Rep Filner, CA-51
Rep Frank, MA-4
Rep Gordon, TN-6
Rep Graves, MO-6
Rep Hare, IL-17
Rep Harper, MS-3
Rep Heller, NV-2
Rep Holden, PA-17
Rep Holt, NJ-12
Rep Kennedy, RI-1
Rep King, NY-3
Rep Kirk, IL-10
Rep Mack, FL-14
Rep Marshall, GA-8
Rep McMorris WA-5
Rep Meek, FL-17
Rep Mica, FL-7
Rep Moore, KS-3
Rep Moran, VA-8
Rep Neugebauer, TX-19
Rep Norton, DC
Rep Nunes, CA-21
Rep Olson, TX-22
Rep Paul, TX-14
Rep Paulsen, MN-3
Rep Pence, IN-6
Rep Platts, PA-19
Rep Roe, TN-1
Rep Rooney, FL-16
Rep Ros-Lehtinen, FL-18
Rep Roskam, IL-6
Rep Rothman, NJ-9
Rep Ryan, OH-17
Rep Schmidt, OH-2
Rep Sessions TX-32
Rep Smith, NJ-4
Rep TauscherCA-10
Rep Thompson,CA-1
Rep Wolf, VA-10
Rep Young, FL-10

Senate  Cosponsors
Sen Casey,  [PA] Sen Brownback, [KS]
Sen Burr,  [NC]  Sen Dodd, [CT]
Sen Hatch, [UT] 
Sen Kennedy MA Sen Specter PA 
Sen Wicker, MS

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