Thursday, April 16, 2009

Children needed for cognitive research

My friend, Dr. Silvia Bunge, needs children for a research project involving children's cognition. They've got some very promising preliminary results (including significant increases in IQ after an 8-week after school program), but need to recruit more children. Here's the link to their lab. It's in Berkeley, CA on the UC Berkeley campus. Quinn's too young to do this, but I thought other readers might have kids who would fit their needs.

Disclosure: I might be working with the Bunge Lab, so I have an incentive to be nice to them.


Melissa said...

I wish I lived in CA, my 7 year old would be a great candidate. Interesting!

Holly's Mom said...

I totally emailed them a few months ago trying to do this and they told me Holly was too young!! She is in another study at UC Berkeley where you keep a weekly Diary and logs on sleep and eating and they do some family interviews. My friend worked on the stepping study's which I tried to get her into but the lab was in transition when she was the "golden" age. I still would love to take her into the "cliff" one to see if she would crawl over or sit and wait at the ledge.... Very cool stuff going on there.