Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Quinn hunts for eggs at our neighbor's annual egg hunt. Quinn didn't
quite get the whole "collection" concept and would often re-hide the
eggs after finding them. But he seemed to have fun and liked the
treats inside. He quickly got overwhelmed by all the people though.


fragilemom said...

Too cute that he would re-hide them! Ian tended to just throw them. Avery liked to open them right when she found them. And Benjamin finally got that he could put them in the basket after he picked them up. He didn't get into looking inside them.

Sarah said...

I think "re-hide" a rather lofty way to describe Quinn's egg game, which was more like putting in and taking out again and again, which is pretty much what he likes to do with all containers and items. It's very cute.