Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quinn & Elmo

For those of you not following Sarah on Facebook:
Sarah: hilarious to open my son's door this morning and see him dancing, naked, to the sounds of his singing Elmo doll

Zac: It was very funny. I was also impressed by his ability to get Talking Elmo to do the dance song over and over again: it's the first one in the sequence when you press the belly button. So Quinn would play the song, then turn Elmo off, then on (the switch isn't easy to operate, either), then press the belly button and get the song again. He was quite methodical about it.


theotherlion said...

Hahaha! That is pure awesome.

flwrsisk said...

If your kid really wants something, he'll figure out how to get it! That's great ;)

fragilemom said...