Monday, June 22, 2009

Enchanted walks

Lately I've been enjoying some enchanted walks with Quinn. He is in love with the world, and with his relatively newfound pointing abilities and characteristically adorable "Uhhhhh!" exclamations, he encourages me to love it, too.

Trucks! Buses! Dogs! The BART Train! Flowers! Other Kids!

I'm trying to walk with him more lately. Good for my waistline and my soul.

I hope LSFX readers don't mind the change in tone between Zac's posts and mine. I'm keeping an eye on him, as best as I can.


fragilemom said...

Makes me wonder why I don't take mine out more....oh wait a minute...maybe because it's 100 stinkin degrees!!!! :) Keep enjoying!

Jen said...

Change in tone if fine...I can relate to both...
Evan adores going for walks. It's the only thing he wants to do when we go outside.

Holly's Mom said...

I was so excited to read this post, thinking that it was Zach's meds kicking in and he had a chance to enjoy Quinn... I think about you guys often. I am glad you have each other to help get through the rough times.