Thursday, June 4, 2009

Uhhh......I'm on drugs but now its different

Earlier today from Facebook:

just learned that a small number of people get a big rush from SSRIs right away. I think I'm one of them. So maybe it's not all in my head! Whee! I've had no caffine today but I'm more hyper than when I did! Of course, hyper for me might be normal for you.

Right now, I seem to be crashing. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to sleep deprivation now? Want nap nap nap, but Quinn, possibly because he woke up so late because he was up in the night (again), isn't napping. Speech therapy in 30-40 min here at home. Must rest rest rest...

Got permission from doctor to try Benadryl for sleepless Quinn. Hope it helps.


Umma said...

I'm on an NDRI rather than an SSRI and I definitely noticed a change when I first started taking it. If I drank my morning tea after taking it I would act as if I were totally over-caffeinated.

My body seems to have gotten somewhat used to it now so, even though my dosage has doubled, I don't get the same massive boost of energy. I can drink my tea in the morning again and not sound like a chipmunk on speed when I talk.

If you have any of the sexual side-effects of the SSRI you may want to ask about NDRIs, they don't have that side effect.

fragilemom said...

Can someone remind me what NDRI and SSRI stand for and example of each? I have heard that some meds cause the side-effects and some do not. I've heard that a mixture of 2 (can't remember which) make a balance without that side effect.

We did Benadryl for Ian quite frequently. Do be careful, it tends to hype some kiddos. Luckily, not Ian. Hope it works for him (rather, you) :).

Where I'm at right now, I could sooooo use an energy rush!

Zachary Drake said...

SSRI is a selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor, like Prozac or Zoloft. Not sure about the other one, but I'm sure a Google search will tell you.

Umma said...

NDRI is norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor.